quote-icon“It is my pleasure to recommend the kit service provided by “Especially 4
You” kit company. During the past 12 months, I have had the great fortune to work directly with Sue May Smith, CEO of “Especially 4 You.” Her integrity, knowledge, attention to detail, and passion for the industry has certainly been a contributing factor to the success of our working relationship.

“Especially 4 You” has been providing State Board kits for all of our graduating students at both of our Academies for the past 10 months. Their service has been a dream come true for us in regards to saving us time and money, due to not having to have my staff pack kits for our students any longer. To date, we have received and utilized over 250 kits. Every single kit has been extremely clean, organized, and clearly labeled. The equipment provided in the kits has been of high quality and always met and/or exceeded the requirements for the State Board practical exam.

Working with Sue May Smith and her team at “Especially 4 You” has been an extremely positive experience for us since day 1 of working together. I am looking forward to working with ‘Especially 4 You’ for many years to come. I highly recommend their kit service to any school that is serious about providing the best possible State Board practical exam experience for their students.”

Kristin Monigold
, Executive Director of Education, Gene Juarez Academy

“Thank you for letting me know about your kit rentals. I was so very glad to utilize your services. When I was getting ready to finish Cosmetology School, I saw other students putting together kits for themselves, and it looked like a great deal of work. As it turns out, they spent much more money on their kits, than I did on renting yours, and I did not have to spend hours putting it together.

I used your kit twice, once for my school practical boards and then for the state exam. I never even opened the kit before exams, just went and did it. The Kits were extremely well organized and I did not have to waste time to figure things out. In fact, there was another of your kit renters in the same state exam with me, and we were consistently the first to be set up and ready. We even commented about that after the exam.

I just wanted you to know how happy I am that I used your kits and did not have to worry about a thing, except to pass the exam.”

T. Berg, Cosmetology Student

“The kit services from Especially 4 You have been a lifesaver! Not only did it save me time, the kits are perfectly laid out in order and well labeled. All sections of the kit are contained neatly and labeled in such a way that the contents are always visible to you, and the examiners. I also firmly believe that Especially 4 You kits are so well put together that the examiners recognize the organization and cleanliness of the individual taking the test.

I know the kits are well worth the cost.

With the stress figured into the cost of putting my own kit together, I would easily have spent as much, if not more, and I could not have put one together that is so well organized. I would absolutely recommend this product and service.

Especially 4 You are kit experts in my opinion.”

S. Michael, Cosmetology Student

“I believe that Especially 4 You has streamlined the exam taking process. The class was very fun and educational.

The kit was organized, clearly labeled in such a way so that I could concentrate on the test without having to worry about equipment and supplies being in the right place at the right time.

Taking into consideration the time and expense of the state board, you can’t afford not to take advantage of this class and the kit rental.”

J.Stone, Cosmetology Reinstatement