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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with a user friendly kit to take their Washington State board practical exam.  Our policy is to only offer rental kits so that we maintain a quality product.

What makes us different?

Especially 4U provides only quality materials and offer reliable services.  Our focus is to provide a kit that will assist you to excel with ease and confidence to pass your state exam.

Why rent from us?

  • One less thing to worry about when preparing for the Washington State Exam
  • User-friendly Kit
  • Our kits are packed in order of services for instant identification during testing
  • No need to pack your own equipment
  • New & disposable items in each and every kit
  • Easy to read labeling
  • No need for last minute shopping
  • Our long list of happy past-exam candidates will ease your concerns
  • We use REAL disinfectant & hand sanitizer for the student’s protection